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WHAT IS jim's green label?

Jim's Green Label is designed and engineered for the customer who is looking

for a unique green, renewable, sustainable product. Capable of quick absorption

of water in the soil, water is held and released as the plants require.

Jim's Green Label has the ability to hold water in sandy soils as well as break

up clay soils to allow for increased root depth and improved plant health and growth.

Pretty Garden
  • Four lbs of our product holds one gallon of water

  • Exceptional absorption

  • Remains in soil indefinitely after one application

  • Excellent wicking properties

  • Excellent water releasing characteristics

  • Easy application & no maintenance

  • Save water using less 


muffin test



Vintage Landscape contractors summer test with vincas


American Hydrosoil used at springs country club gardens


three day no water test


Canary Pine Tree - Rancho Mirage California

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For the record I will again say the germination of plants is much easier and the water use is far less. Yes, I still use it in all my personal plantings at home. Yes I do use it to get more seed yield in plant starts. Our water use is way down under our neighbors usage. I still feel that nothing else I have used will balance the water within an area like American Hydrosoil. Yes, I still recommend it for any garden or planting, including trees and shrubs. 

John Teas
Teas Nursery

"American Hydrosoil seems to have significant potential

for the retention of plant available water in the soil.

We are just beginning some tests with it at the Center,

but feel it is a great example of highly beneficial reuse

of what would otherwise be a waste product."

Steve Windhager
Director, Landscape Restoration & Sustainable Sites Initiative
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center 
University of Texas at Austin 

Steve Windhager, Ph.D.

American Hydrosoil should be called “Miracle Soil”!

And it could not have been available at a better time!

Before I used this ash with my landscaping, my plants and

trees suffered in this intense heat and drought-like conditions.

Even when I watered in the morning, most of my plants

were wilted by the afternoon. Also, it had been a challenge

to save my trees and stimulate new growth since Hurricane

Ike—my trees seemed like they could not get enough water.

I feel that using American Hydrosoil has made an incredibly

positive difference and has notably decreased the need for

watering. My new vines and plants are actually flowering now!

I have even skipped a day (on occasion 2 days) of watering

and my landscaping continues to thrive.

Thank you for the opportunity to use this product!

Here’s to a greener Earth.

Kimberly Bachmeier
gardening enthusiast
Galveston, Texas

Pink Flowers

Seasoned vegetable gardener, describes her experience and findings using American Hydrosoil! --- click for more

Ruth Leibowitz

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"Here are some great pictures of the dunes we planted this last year.  These photos show the areas that we used your American Hydrosoil product during the events!  They look so great!" - click for more

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